Stockholm guide

Hej. This is where I keep recommendations for people visiting or -moving to- Stockholm. It contains many of the highlights I have discovered over the years. There is a focus towards food and drinks and nice neighborhoods to walk around. That's just my thing. Hope you enjoy Stockholm! Write me an email if you have feedback:


I have split the city up in parts which are mostly neighborhoods / islands. Start by having a look per area:

I should put some kind of useful map here...


Transportation 🚆🚇🚍🚏

For getting around the city the bus or metro are nicest. You can use the SL app for all local transport, you can buy tickets inside the app. You can also check into the metro with your credit card (you may pay a little bit extra if I remember correctly). National trains are with SJ. Get student discounts if you can.

Money 💸

Sweden has the Swedish krona. 100Kr equals roughly €10. Don't bother with cash, you can pay with card everywhere.

Systembolaget 🍺🍷

Alcohol is expensive in Sweden. A nice craft beer in a bar easily costs €10/100Kr. The only place to buy alcohol outside of bars is the Systembolaget (you say "Sys" if you are cool). The stores are usually nice and ordered and the staff are friendly. The opening hours are quite limited so beware. The alcohol you can buy in the supermarket is below 3.5% and is called "Folköl".